Peacock IV, W. Frank, Timothy E. Van Meter, Nazanin Mirshahi, Kyle Ferber, Robert Gerwien, Vani Rao, Haris Iqbal Sair, Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, and Frederick K. Korley.

Frontiers in neurology 8 (2017): 641.


The results of the study have shown that a panel of three neuronally enriched protein biomarkers, MT3, NRGN, and NSE, objectively identifies mTBI patients as compared to healthy individuals. Further studies of this biomarker panel will determine whether it can be used as a tool to stratify head-injured patients to direct and evaluate interventions. If so, this would be the first such biomarker test to be developed with high sensitivity in mTBI that is accurate across the TBI spectrum.