The Problem

TBI is a Global Problem. Mild TBI, more commonly called concussion, is underdiagnosed and invisible, so often missed.

Over 50 million people suffer a TBI worldwide annually resulting in an estimated medical costs of $76.5 billion.

“Since our Brain defines who we are, the consequences of a brain injury can affect all aspects of our lives.”

The Solution

At BRAINBox Solutions, we are developing an AI-Enabled Comprehensive Multi-Modality TBI product to deliver a single score to aid in diagnosis of mild TBI and to provide a prognostic view of a patient’s likelihood of post-concussive symptoms.

How It Works

Using a small sample of blood, the BRAINBox point of care device will run a panel of TBI-associated blood-based biomarkers.

The BRAINBox panel is analyzed in tandem with a neurocognitive assessment on a tablet or mobile device.

These biological and functional measurements are utilized by the BRAINBox algorithm to provide a simple, and easy to read, BRAINBox TBI score.

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BRAINBox Solutions is currently enrolling subjects in the HeadSMART II Study, following Breakthrough Designation by the FDA for providing the first product to deliver a single score, used as an Aid to Diagnosis and to provide a Prognosis report of a patient’s likelihood of postinjury symptom occurrence.

Learn more by visiting and using the following identifier: NCT04423198.

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