Executive Management

Our Senior Executive Team brings over 10 decades of relevant experience in the key disciplines required. This expertise assures our focus on success for the clinicians we serve, the investors and stakeholders who have provided us the resources and support to proceed in this important journey.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board meets with the Management team, as a group, on a regularly scheduled basis. They are very active participants in each and every clinical and business decision. Not just occasional advisors, they are integral to our commitment to set the standard of care in TBI diagnosis and management of patients in this large and challenging field.

Board of Directors

Our Board is comprised of very seasoned Executive Level Investors, with successful Health Care investment experience. Their expertise spans multiple aspects of health care, including Clinical Practice, Hospital Distribution, “first of kind” device development and launches, as well as Public Company leadership. They are uniquely qualified to support the Leadership Team and Scientific Advisory Board of the company with the goal of setting a new Standard of Care in the Diagnosis and Management of mild Traumatic Brain Injury, and thereby establishing the definition of Acute Traumatic Encephalopathy (ATE).

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