Frederick K. Korley, Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, Alan H. B. Wu, John K. Yue, Geoffrey T. Manley, Haris I. Sair, Jennifer Van Eyk, Allen D. Everett, David O. Okonkwo, Alex B. Valadka, Wayne A. Gordon, Andrew I.R. Maas, Pratik Mukherjee, Esther L. Yuh, Hester F. Lingsma, Ava M. Puccio, David M. Schnyer.

33(2): 215–225, 2016.


Serum BDNF discriminates between TBI cases and non-trauma controls with excellent diagnostic accuracy. Additionally, lower BDNF values are associated with incomplete recovery after TBI, and may be especially useful in identifying mild TBI patients who are likely to remain symptomatic at 6 months after injury.