"Prevalence of incomplete functional and symptomatic recovery among patients with head injury but brain injury debatable."Journal of neurotrauma 34, no. 8 (2017): 1531-1538.

Korley, Frederick K., Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, Hayley J. Falk, Matthew E. Peters, Jeannie-Marie S. Leoutsakos, Durga Roy, Vani Rao, Haris Iqbal Sair, Uju Ofoche, Anna J. Hall, Freshta Akbari, Timothy E. Van Meter, Allen D. Everett, Jennifer E. Van Eyk, and Kathleen T. Bechtold.


A significant proportion of patients evaluated for TBI do not meet the ACRM criteria for mTBI, however, they remain at high risk for experiencing adverse consequences from TBI and deserve inclusion in prospective TBI studies. Additional diagnostic approaches are needed to further sub-categorize this group into mTBI versus head injury without TBI.