October 8-10, 2019, National Harbor, MD

Title: Advanced Diagnosis and Profiling in Neurotrauma using Novel Astrocyte Injury-Defined, AID, Biomarker Tests.

Summary: Highlight of the utility of novel astrocyte injury biomarkers for acute injury detection and correlation to blood-brain-barrier disruption, and provided data on robust assay reagent qualification, as well as reporting the allowance of the patent that covers use of the 10 new covered biomarkers in TBI.

Authors: Timothy Van Meter, Julia Halford, Vanessa Cabra-Hodge, NaZanin Mirshahi, Joseph Green, Gerry Shaw, Ronel Veksler, Tim Meier, Andrew Mayer, Alon Friedman, Frederick Korley and Ina-Beate Wanner.