U.S. Patent Office to Issue Patent for Detecting Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Using Aldolase C

Richmond, Va., September 27, 2019 – BRAINBox Solutions, Inc., a diagnostic company focused on a comprehensive multimodality (including a molecular diagnostic and cognitive testing) approach to the diagnosis and prognosis of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), announced today that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) will issue to its licensor a patent for detecting and monitoring TBI using novel Astrocyte-Injury Defined (AID) biomarkers, including Aldolase C (ALDOC) or a trauma-specific break down product (BDBP) of ALDOC.

This patent expands BRAINBox Solutions’ multi-modality approach by adding a portfolio of biomarkers that have characteristics for diagnostics, such as robust levels in concussion and mild TBI, extended kinetic profiles after injury, and a strong correlation to subtle microvascular injuries that are more difficult to assess. Future tests incorporating these biomarkers could be integrated into a point of care instrument, as well as more broad-based clinical laboratory instruments. These patented biomarkers along with BRAINBox’s neurocognitive testing capabilities, are intended to provide objective evidence of TBI injury and prediction of patient recovery.

The Notice of Allowance issued by the PTO to The Regents of the University of California through UCLA Technology Development Group indicates that another U.S. patent, exclusively licensed to BRAINBox Solutions, will be issued to protect the biomarker panels to be used by BRAINBox Solutions in its point of-care products that detect TBI and monitor patient recovery. BRAINBox Solutions previously obtained from The Johns Hopkins University exclusive patent rights to a broad portfolio of TBI biomarkers.

“This patent expands on the foundation for our continued pioneering approach to the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injuries,” said Donna Edmonds, chief executive officer of BRAINBox solutions. “By focusing on the appropriate biomarkers in the blood, and adding other modalities, as opposed to other physiological symptoms, BRAINBox is adding high levels of precision and certainty in the diagnostic arena, and we are excited about the continued evolution of this Technology.”

According to Edmonds, the new ALDOC patent is an important addition to the worldwide patent portfolio owned or exclusively licensed by BRAINBox Solutions. The portfolio currently includes nine issued patents and 13 pending applications, including three allowed applications. The patents give the company the flexibility to add AID biomarkers, which have been shown to be sensitive and specific in the detection of mild TBI, to its already robust TBI biomarker panels.

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About BRAINBox Solutions
Based in Richmond, Va., BRAINBox Solutions is developing the first AI enabled, multi-modality approach for the diagnosis and prognosis of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, commonly referred to as a concussion. The company seeks to establish a clinical best practice standard for the diagnosis and prognosis of concussion. The product incorporates a panel of proprietary, patented blood biomarkers which can be read in a few moments on a point-of-care instrument or using standard laboratory systems, as well as neurocognitive testing, to provide a single system score that measures the severity of the injury and guide treatment. The company is led by key physicians and scientific thought leaders in the field and an experienced, clinically focused management team. BrainBox has been granted Breakthrough Designation for Diagnosis and Prognosis and is a recipient of grant funding from the NFL-GE Head Health Challenge, Virginia Catalyst and NIH and is supported by initial funding from BioVentures Investors and The Lazlo Tauber Foundation.